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Safe and sound

We at Child Proofing Guys ensure that we provide childproofing techniques that will keep your baby safe and sound. Most of the parents worry endlessly about the safety of their child and thus we will ensure you suffer no more. We are known to be expert when it comes to dealing with child proofing around your home and also your compound. We have been dealing with child proofing for more than ten years, and we known the best way to go around when dealing with child proofing. Please give us a shout out at 888-217-5550, and we will service you accordingly.


Affordable cost

We are proud to offer child proofing services to our clients at an affordable rate. You child protection is your peace of mind, and we will ensure you have peace of mind when you are not near your child. Our child proofing services are very affordable to all the parents. We are phone call away you can buzz us on 888-217-5550, and we will ensure your babies safety. Our clients are always welcome to choose from different packages that we offer or we can tailor make the one that our client will love and the one that will be of his taste and preferences.


Our services and equipments

At Child Proofing Guys we deal with different areas in your house to ensure that we offer the best childproofing. We are known to deal in the following areas of the child proofing in your house, child proof cabinets, gates installations, gargets parole and other kind of child proofing techniques. We have different equipments that are of the latest technology that will enable us to fix your child proofing devices in the best way possible.

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Child Proofing

* Child proof cabinets and lockers

Child Proofing Guys also known to design childproof cabinets and lockers that will ensure that the child will not open at all. We ensure that the locker and cabinets doors can lock themselves after you have used them. You can use the lockers and cabinets to store all hazard and potential poison including the cleaning detergents. Contact us today on 888-217-5550 for those unique baby proofing cabinets and lockers. We have eco friendly cabinets and lockers that we will install in your homes.

* Child proof Door locks and knobs

We ensure that we fix those door locks and knobs that your baby will not be able to open at all cost. We advise parents on the sensors to buy just in case your child locks him or her inside a room without your knowledge.we at Child Proofing Guys ensure that your furniture and your fixtures are well arranged and fixed. As your child grows he reaches for the furniture and other fixture thus well secured, furniture and fixtures will go along the way to protecting your child. We make sure your door locks and knobs cannot be opened by your child. Give us a call today on 888-217-5550 for the best child proofing locks and knobs for your doors and windows.

* Gargets parole

We love the different kind of gargets that parents can use to child proof their homes and we always advice our clients on the best and most durables ones to use when it comes to ensuring the safety of their child.

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